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04.2017. 23.


A small fraction of rich traditions , distinctive smell and taste of Easter fringe all the houses in our village , you can experience the Sunday after Easter on , as already Sukošan always been called , 'Little Easter' 9.00 to 11.00 , when members KUD Gold ports under the auspices of the Tourist Board prepare 'Eastern breakfast' with a large table full of Easter delights , music and socializing .

05.2017. 01.


2:00 pm - Carnival parade trough the village 7:00 pm - Maskenbal

05.2017. 01.


"At sunset, when the setting sun frames the walls of the old palace in gold, and the sea meets the sky in the rhapsody of colors, rowing fishermen are slowly returning to the port, with crates full of fish for the best brudet..." This is how BRUDETIJADA begins - a traditional event which won over the tourists as well as the locals - gourmets and those with a competitive spirit. Competition in preparing brodetto (fish stew)-Donje more

05.2017. 02.

DOMAĆE JE NAJBOLJE-fair of local products(16.-18.08)

DOMAĆE JE NAJBOLJE-fair of local products(16.-18.08)

05.2017. 27.

5. MAGUNJA TRAIL Sukošan 2017.

Ultra 40km, challenger 22km and light („Đir“) 8km, a race along the indented coast and beautiful scenery of Sukošane municipality, over Tustica through the last oasis of macchia with spectacular view of Ravni Kotari on one side and Sukošan and Pašman channel on the other, over the fields, vineyards, olive gardens to Vrčevo, Sv. Martin, Križ.. We have organized great prizes for the most successful ones, and lunch and great fun for everyone.... addmission:

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